Paul and Christine

Paul and Christine Blacket were the proprietors of the Lenswood Vineyard at Croft Road in the Adelaide Hills until September 2009, and partners in the Eden Valley Vineyard at Springton. Additionally through their partnerships and affiliations with members of the Watervale Estates Viticultural Group they have extensive contacts to vineyards and wine-making in the Barossa and Clare Valleys.

Paul and Christine Blacket

Contract Winemaker Tim Knappstein, one of Australia’s most respected and senior winemakers, is a contract winemaker for Blackets. Tim’s property adjoins the Lenswood vineyard, which he knows intimately. Close attention is paid to winemaker requests for leaf-plucking and crop thinning (especially the pinot) to ensure that the quality remains high.

The Blacket Sons

Daniel and William Blacket form the sales and development team for Blackets Wines. Their youngest brother Patrick, currently undertakinga university degree in journalism, is our media and promotions officer and manages the Blackets website.
It is appropriate for a young company that its sales team be driven by youth.